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SMC is composed of forest industry, state, provincial, and federal agencies, suppliers, and universities who commit resources and expertise to the mission. The voting Policy Committee, composed of dues-paying members, controls policy with the goal of establishing the highest possible technical standards in carrying out its mission.

Technical Advisory Committees (TACs) in Silviculture, Nutrition, Wood Quality, and Modeling, comprised of leading scientists, have been created to develop plans for research projects that are approved by the Policy Committee. The SMC has headquarters at the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington, which provides administration and staffing.

Analytic Organizations and Suppliers must submit a yearly request to maintain active membership in the SMC.  The Policy Committee will vote on membership based on active participation and contribution to the SMC mission.

Motivation for SMC Membership

Dues-paying members have access to the SMC database: A time series of individual tree, stand-level, and site-specific measurements concerning dozens of research projects. There are more than 500 research sites, which contain collectively thousands of plots, which in turn contain hundreds of thousands of trees. These plots have been measured anywhere from one to more than a dozen times over a period of decades. The result is a database containing millions of tree records.

Additionally, members can request reprints of technical papers and other publications associated with SMC research; topics are related to TAC subjects of Silviculture, Nutrition, Wood Quality, and Modeling. Members also gain access to the SMC staff that may assist in extracting data from the database, exploring whether a member might directly participate in research, and how to extend/apply experimental designs for a particular ownership.

If membership sounds right for your organization, please contact Megan O'Shea or Eric Turnblom directly for more information. Below are listings of current members by type.

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