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The School of Environmental and Forest Sciences awards scholarships for up to $10,000.00. These funds are made possible through generous donations by alumni, local industry, and other organizations. Most scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit, but some scholarships also specify financial need; students must file a Free Application of Federal Students Aid (FAFSA) and have need determined by the Office of Financial Aid to qualify for these funds.

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Application Deadline
The application is due April 1st for the following academic year. Please indicate which quarters you are requesting a scholarship.

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These areas are from our list of funds used to match recipients with donor intent. Select at least one area of study. Please explain your area of study and interests further in your scholarship statement below.


Need-based Eligibility
Scholarships that specify need: evidence of financial need as determined by the Office of Financial Aid, is required. To qualify you must submit a FAFSA, available at
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Award Requirements
Scholarship recipients must be in a SEFS major and be registered for appropriate coursework. Scholarship recipients are required to write a thank you note to the donor before funds are awarded (guidelines and donor name will be provided). Scholarship recipients may also be contacted by Advancement staff to participate in donor stewardship, which may include events or other direct donor contact. By accepting these funds, you agree to these terms.

Scholarship Statement
Please submit a succinct, 250 word personal statement that will give the Scholarship and Financial Aid Committee a better understanding of your background and future goals. Your personal statement must include: reasons for choosing your area of study or research and your career objectives.

You may also include other factors such as personal, family or educational circumstances. All economic need is determined by the FAFSA through the UW Office of Financial Aid.

All information will be treated confidentially.

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