Forest Club Room Window


Dan Brown, Director and Professor 206-685-1928
David Campbell, Graduate Student Counselor 206-543-7081
Amanda Davis, Assistant to the Director 206-685-0952
Marlyn Del Cid, Grants Coordinator 206-543-8975
K.C. Deterling, Administrative Coordinator 206-543-2730
Lynne Hendrix, Administrative Assistant 206-685-0954
Barry Hohstadt, Senior Computer Specialist
Molly Hottle, Communications Manager 206-616-4942
Laurine Knott, Fiscal Specialist
Jack Lockhart, Financial Services Manager 206-543-2732
L. Monika Moskal, Associate Professor / Associate Director / Director, Precision Forestry Cooperative 206-225-1510
Lisa Nordlund, Undergraduate Adviser 206-543-3077
Gregory Olsen, Computer Support Technician II 206-616-0856
Elena O'Neill, Grant Coordinator 206-897-1754
Jenny Park, Payroll Coordinator 206.685.3151
Luke Rogers, Research Scientist/Engr / Temporary Network Administrator 206-543-7418
Clare Ryan, Professor and Associate Director 206-616-3987
Patrick Tobin, Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator 206-685-7588
Michelle Trudeau, Student & Acad Svcs Director 206-616-1533
Jennifer Weiss, Administrator 206-685-2047
Shawn Williams, Fiscal Specialist 206-685-7195

Director's Office Fax:  206-616-6101