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The School is organized into a single faculty headed by a Director. The faculty of the School is responsible for maintaining undergraduate and graduate curricula. The faculty operates under a set of bylaws.

The list on this page contains only current SEFS teaching and research faculty.

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Allan, G. Graham   Professor
Bloedel 304 | 206-543-1491 |
Fiber composites; Polymer science;Creativity and innovation; Controlled release systems

Alvarado, Ernesto   Research Associate Professor
Bloedel 332 | 206-616-6920 |
Wildland fire science; Fire ecology and management; Combustion and fire behavior; Carbon emissions; Fire and climate change; Quantitative modeling; International forestry

Asah, Stanley   Associate Professor
Bloedel 282 | 206-685-4960 |
Human dimensions of natural resource management; Human environment systems analyses; Environmental social psychology

Bakker, Jonathan   Associate Professor
Merrill 36 | 206-221-3864 |
Ecological restoration; Sustainable ecosystem management

Bormann, Bernard   Professor/Director, ONRC
Olympic Natural Resources Center | 206-685-9477 |
Forest ecology and physiology

Bratman, Greg   Assistant Professor
Anderson 201 | 206-543-2730 |
Impacts of nature experience on human cognitive function, mood, and emotion regulation; accounting for mental health in ecosystem service assessments; nature and health

Brown, Dan   Director and Professor
Anderson 102 | 206-685-1928 |
GIS, remote sensing, spatial modeling; land-use and land-cover dynamics; linking landscape patterns with ecological and social processes

Brown, Sally   Research Associate Professor
Bloedel 203 | 206-616-1299 |
In situ remediation of soils; Use of biosolids; Phytoremediation of heavy metals

Bura, Renata   Associate Professor
Bloedel 344 | 206-616-2179 |
Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass; Biomaterials from lignin and plant components

Butman, David   Assistant Professor
Bloedel 264 | 206-685-0953 |
Influence of humans and climate on carbon cycling at the intersection of terrestrial and aquatic systems

Converse, Sarah   Associate Professor/Leader, Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Anderson 123A | 206-685-2315 |
Conservation Biology, Decision Science, Demographic Estimation, Hierarchical Modeling, Integrated Population Modeling, Reintroduction Biology

Dichiara, Anthony   Assistant Professor
Bloedel 288 | 206 543-1581 |
Synthesis of nanomaterials from biomass; characterization of biomaterials and their applications in multifunctional composites and environmental remediation

Doty, Sharon   Professor
Winkenwerder 205 | 206-616-6255 |
Phytoremediation; Plant microbiology

Ettl, Gregory   Associate Professor
Winkenwerder 102 | 206-616-4120 |
Sustainable forestry; Forest ecology; Silviculture

Fridley, James   Professor
Bloedel 390 | 206-543-6993 |
Forest engineering systems design; Interactive computer simulation

Ganguly, Indroneil   Associate Research Professor/Associate Director, CINTRAFOR
Anderson 123A | 206-685-8311 |
Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of bio-based products, Forest products marketing; Forest economics

Gardner, Beth   Associate Professor
Anderson 123D | 206-685-9995 |
Hierarchical models, spatial capture-recapture models, occupancy models, camera trapping, hair snares, sampling techniques, spatial statistics, Bayesian inference

Gough, Heidi L.   Associate Professor
| 206-685-7865 |
Environmental Engineering; Movement of Contaminants through the Environment; Microbial processes in Wastewater Treatment; Biotransformation of Emerging Contaminants; Anaerobic Digestion; Subsurface Bioremediation; Applied Microbial Ecology

Graumlich, Lisa   Virginia and Prentice Bloedel Professor/Dean, College of the Environment
Oceanography 200 | 206 685-7532 |
Paleoecology; Climate change adaptation

Gustafson, Richard   Professor
Bloedel 364 | 206-543-2790 |
Biofuels and bio-based products; Process simulation; Process control; Instrument development

Halpern, Charles   Research Professor
Winkenwerder 207 | 206-543-2789 |
Community ecology; Succession; Ecology of montane/subalpine meadows; Effects of forest management on plant diversity

Harvey, Brian   Assistant Professor
Bloedel 244 | 206-685-9929 |
Forest ecology; Landscape ecology; Disturbance (fire) ecology; Global change; Vegetation succession; Resource management; Remote sensing; GIS; Spatial analysis

Johnson, Brittany   Assistant Professor
Bloedel 218 | |
Soil science; Soil chemistry; Plant-soil interactions; Climate change; Fire ecology; Forest ecology; Hydrology

Kahn, Peter   Professor
Anderson 123F | |
Ecopsychology; Human Dimensions of Interacting with Nature and Technological Systems; Interaction Pattern Design for Urban Sustainability
College of the Environment profile

Kane, Van   Research Assistant Professor
Bloedel 204 | 206-685-9550 |
Ecosystem science; Forest structure

Kim, Soo-Hyung   Professor
Merrill 37 | 206-616-4971 |
Plant ecophysiology; Crop modeling

Lawler, Joshua   Professor
Anderson 202 | 206-685-4367 |
Landscape ecology; Conservation biology

Levin, Phillip   Professor of Practice
Bloedel 204 | 206-543-1464 |
Interdisciplinary conservation science, ecosystem-based natural resource management, marine and coastal conservation biology, marine ecology

Marzluff, John   Professor
Anderson 123E | 206-616-6883 |
Wildlife-habitat relationships; Avian social ecology and demography

Moskal, L. Monika   Associate Professor / Associate Director / Director, Precision Forestry Cooperative
Bloedel 382 | 206-225-1510 |
Remote sensing; Biospatial analysis

Paun, Dorothy   Associate Professor
Bloedel 396 | 206-685-9467 |
Triple bottom line sustainability performance assessment (financial, environmental, and corporate social responsibility)

Prugh, Laura   Associate Professor
Winkenwerder 204 | 206-543-1588 |
Quantitative multi-species conservation and management; wildlife community ecology; conservation of endangered species and fragmented populations; human-wildlife interactions; noninvasive genetics; predator-prey interactions

Rabotyagov, Sergey   Associate Professor
Anderson 123G | 206-685-3159 |
Environmental economics

Resende, Fernando   Associate Professor
Bloedel 290 | 206-221-1580 |
Thermochemical conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into fuels and chemicals

Ryan, Clare   Professor and Associate Director
Anderson 123H | 206-616-3987 |
Environmental policy; Urban ecology and management; Conflict management

Tobin, Patrick   Associate Professor and Graduate Program Coordinator
Anderson 123B | 206-685-7588 |
Entomology; Invasion ecology; Population ecology

Tóth, Sándor F.   Associate Professor
Bloedel 358 | 206-616-2738 |
Natural Resource Informatics; Sustainable Forest and Natural Resource Management; Spatial Forest Planning and Optimization; Forest Engineering and Operations Research; Reserve Design

Turnblom, Eric   Associate Professor
Bloedel 232 | 206-543-2762 |
Forest growth and yield modeling; Sampling and inventory; Biometrics

Vogt, Daniel   Associate Professor
Bloedel 258 | 206-685-3292 |
Soil and ecosystem ecology; Natural, disturbed, and sustainable ecosystems

Vogt, Kristiina   Professor
Bloedel 290 | 206-543-2765 |
Linking social and natural science; Reserves; Conservation

Wheiler, Kent   Associate Professor/Director, CINTRAFOR
Anderson 123J | 253-218-8872 |
Sustainable forestry; wood products production, distribution and use; international markets and trade

Wirsing, Aaron   Associate Professor
Winkenwerder 101 | 206-543-1585 |
Wildlife science; Behavioral ecology; Predator-prey interaction