Ernesto Alvarado

Ernesto Alvarado

Research Associate Professor
Wildland fire science; Fire ecology and management; Combustion and fire behavior; Carbon emissions; Fire and climate change; Quantitative modeling; International forestry

Office: Bloedel 332
Phone: 206-616-6920 
Email: alvarado@uw.edu


B.S., Agricultural Engineering with a minor in plant protection, Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, Chapingo, Mexico, 1980
M.S., Silviculture and Forest Management, Postgraduate College, Chapingo, Mexico, 1986
Ph.D., Wildland Fire Sciences, University of Washington, 1992

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 420 Wildland Fire Management (5)Spring
ESRM 490 Special Topics (3)Autumn
SEFS 521 Forest Stand Dynamics and Disturbances (2)Winter
SEFS 535 Fire Ecology (4)Autumn
SEFS 590 Graduate Studies (2)Winter
Current Sponsored Research:
Improving Estimates of Future Fires, Fire Emissions, and Smoke
Research on Fire, Fuels, Landscape Ecology, and the Wildland-Urban-Interface
Solutions to Current and Future Wildfires: Physical and Ecological Models for Fire, Fuels, and Smoke in Ecosystems and the Wildland Urban Interface
The consequences of soil heating for prescribed fire use and fire restoration in the South
Washington Forest Resiliency Burning Pilot: A Proposal for Fuel Characterization, Tree Mortality Assessment and Air Quality Monitoring and Analysis
Recent Publications:
Paulo Bufacchi, Guenther Carlos Krieger Filho, William Mell, Ernesto Alvarado, Joao Andrade, Jose Carlos dos Santos. 2016. Numerical simulation and experiments of surface forest fire in Amazonia. Fire Safety Journal 79(2016):44-56.
van Leeuwen, T. T., van der Werf, G. R., Hoffmann, A. A., Detmers, R. G., Rücker, G., French, N. H. F., Archibald, S., Carvalho Jr., J. A., Cook, G. D., de Groot, W. J., Hély, C., Kasischke, E. S., Kloster, S., McCarty, J. L., Pettinari, M. L., Savadogo, P., Alvarado, E. C... 2014. Biomass burning fuel consumption rates: A field measurement database. Biogeosciences 11:8115-8180. doi: 10.5194/bgd-11-8115-2014
Cassell, B.A.; Alvarado, E. 2012. Reconstruction of fire history in Mexican tropical pines using tree rings. Forestry Chronicle 88(5): 553-555.
d’Oliveira,M.V.N., E.C. Alvarado, J.C. Santos, and J.A. Carvalho Jr. 2011. Forest natural regeneration and biomass production after slash and burn in a seasonally-dry forest in the Southern Brazilian Amazon. Forest Ecology and Management 261(9): 1490-1498.
Hyde, J.C., Smith A.M.S, Ottmar, R.D., Alvarado C., E; Morgan, P. 2011. The combustion of sound and rotten coarse woody debris: a review. International Journal of Wildland Fire 20: 163-174.
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