Research opportunities in forest products marketing as a result of global green consumerism

Research Sponsored By: USDA
Principal Investigator: Indroneil Ganguly
Project Description
The international competitiveness of the US forest products industry is affected by the interplay of various economic, social, environmental and political factors. The proposed graduate students’ training program aims to provide students with the necessary skills and exposure to understand the contemporary issues and externalities that affect the US forest products’ industry and assess their impact on international competitiveness. Curricular emphasis will be given to developing a deeper understanding of phenomenon like illegal logging and global warming which have resulted in an increased interest in ‘green’ living and environmental procurement policies, globally. The students will be encouraged to explore the linkages between the international competitiveness of the US forest products industry and trade restrictions, including public procurement policies, green building programs and various tariff/non-tariff barriers (thereby addressing USDA’s strategic goals 1 and 2 for FY 2007-2012). As a result of developing a strategic partnership with a Native American college, this program will identify qualified students from tribal communities to transfer the necessary technical and forestry business skills into Native American communities. The proposed training program will train three masters and one doctoral student in the area of ‘Agricultural Management and Economics’ (TESA no. 4) with specialization in forest trade policy. The disciplinary focus for the program is agricultural marketing and management (Code M) and international competitiveness of the forest products industry (Code I). The program includes relevant interdisciplinary components designed to enhance students’ understanding of environmental science, international marketing, decision modeling and public policy analysis (Code G).