Funded Research Projects: SRM

The Rise of India as a Trade Partner and Competitor

Research Sponsored By: US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
Principal Investigator: Indroneil Ganguly
Project Description
India has emerged as a major agricultural and forest products producer and trader in the global market, providing a source for U.S. imports but also rivaling the U.S. in some export markets. In this context, it is important to pursue a detailed assessment of currently prevalent policies in India in terms of domestic support, import tariffs, non-tariff measures and export measures on agricultural, forestry as well as non-agricultural sectors. In this project, we will conduct a comprehensive policy assessment to better understand the comparative advantage between India and the United States. In addition, economic modeling will be conducted to understand the effects of removing trade barriers between these two countries. This research will result in a collaborative USDA-ERS report and a professional paper that will also be developed for presentation at a professional conference and submission to professional journal.