Funded Research Projects: SRM

Life Cycle Assessment of Biomaterials, Systems and Processes

Research Sponsored By: Mistletoe Foundation USA
Principal Investigator: Indroneil Ganguly
Project Description
This is a postdoctoral research fellowship for Dr. Francesca Pierobon from the Mistletoe Research Foundation. As part of this funding, Dr. Pierobon will work towards enhancing the knowledge about the production processes and environmental impacts of bio-based products produced from lignocellulosic biomass by exploring technological and environmental aspects associated with the production of bio-chemicals from residual woody biomass generated from harvest operations in the U.S. Pacific Northwest. Dr. Pierobon will also explore innovative pathways to produce bio-products from wood or other renewable resources. As a Mistletoe Fellow Dr. Pierobon will also be required to participate in a Mistletoe Startup Collaboration that provides professional training. After being matched with a startup during a 3-day summer workshop, she will participate in a year-long team project in which she will apply her knowledge to a specific science or technology problem that will help an early-stage startup further the development of a product with social impact. Collaborating remotely via a state-of-the-art online platform, Dr. Pierobon will work in small cross-disciplinary and inter-institutional teams of four researchers and a mentor from one of Mistletoe's partner organizations.