Forks GIS Services 2017

Research Sponsored By: City of Forks
Principal Investigator: Bernard Bormann
Project Description
The ONRC will continue to provide GIS support and technical services throughout the calendar year 2017 that will address the following priorities defined by the City of Forks: • Establish internal update/query procedures for parcels, addresses and implement programmatically • Establish update procedures required by Clallam County and implement programmatically • Complete parcel reconciliation and deliver new Parcel, COF Road Centerlines w/E911 attributes, address and access points • Create and deliver block to block address grid. • Implement map requests for the City of Forks on request • Implement analysis and generate maps on request • Establish update procedures and implement updates to other COF databases/datasets on request • Complete and update waste water, potable water, valves, and hydrants