2015-2018 Seattle reLeaf project

Research Sponsored By: City of Seattle
Principal Investigator: Kern Ewing
Project Description
The University of Washington Botanic Gardens will work with the City of Seattle to support the Trees for Neighborhoods project. The Trees for Neighborhoods project is a City of Seattle initiative to meet their goal to reach 30% canopy cover by 2037, as outlined in the Urban Forest Management Plan (UFMP). This project most directly meets the goals of the UFMP’s community framework. The planting and maintenance of trees in urban areas provides important environmental, social, economic, and public health benefits including the reduction of stormwater runoff and the consequent pollution of nearby waterways such as Puget Sound. UW Botanic Gardens will organize and host planting training and tree distribution events for the public; provide nursery and workshop space; find appropriate homes for all unclaimed trees; deliver pruning workshops to program participants; assist with site selection workshops; conduct field evaluation of past plantings; and conduct utility marking work for street tree permitting. Supporting the Trees for Neighborhoods project will further the University of Washington Botanic Gardens’ mission by engaging residents in tree planting and care and by educating the public on both the proper care of trees on residential property and the larger concept of the benefits trees provide, particularly in urban environments.