Funded Research Projects: FOREST ECOLOGY

The National Ocean Modeling Forum

Research Sponsored By: David and Lucile Packard Foundation
Principal Investigator: Phillip Levin
Project Description
There is an urgent need generate usable scientific information to meet the needs of a diversity of environmental decision makers. We are developing The Ocean Modeling Forum (OMF) to meet this challenge for ocean management. The aim of the OMF is to energize a network of ocean researchers to improve the use and usefulness of models in the study of coastal and marine ecosystems. A major goal of the OMF is the development of new information products that specifically benefit managers and policymakers; these products would be designed and produced with decision makers. Over the next 18 months, the OMF will achieve the following five objectives: 1) complete our initial case study on Pacific sardines and launch a second case study focusing on Pacific herring; 2) identify other topics where the OMF can provide managers with synthesized model results during the next 3-5 years; 3) interview leaders from organizations that synthesize science to determine the most effective means for organizing future case studies and communicating results; 4) interview scholars, resource managers, and other stakeholders involved in ocean and fisheries management decisions to determine how we can best deploy the OMF model in the future; and 5) solidify the management structure of the OMF and build a network of funding partners, research partners, and stakeholders who can both inform our science and use our products