Funded Research Projects: SRM

Stand Management Cooperative

Research Sponsored By: Various
Principal Investigator: Eric Turnblom
Project Description
The goal of the Stand Management Cooperative (SMC) is to provide information and develop techniques that can be used in planning and evaluating stand management strategies. The project will collect, compile, and synthesize information on the effects of a range of treatments and treatment combinations on tree growth, stand development, product quality, and product value. Data from the RFNRP, the SMC, and other sources will be included. This information base will allow integration of stand treatment response data and identification of current and future research needs. Research results will be synthesized into an overall framework for prediction of stand development under the full spectrum of silvicultural treatments. The program will provide a continuing source of high-quality data from integrated studies, coordinated use of data in analyses and model development, leadership in the development of an integrated system of models used to plan and evaluate silvicultural strategies, and a means to link related programs for sharing data and results and technology transfer.