Funded Research Projects: SRM

Development of Silvicultural Systems for the Pacific Northwest

Research Sponsored By: US Forest Service
Principal Investigator: Bernard Bormann
Project Description
This project is the continuation of a joint venture between the Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station and the University of Washington Olympic Natural Resources Center to develop a plan for silvicultural research in the western region of the Olympic Peninsula. The work involves conducting a review to identify the relationship between silviculture and current and possible future management problems and to define the biological and environmental scenarios that affect the way those problems might be overcome. This review should analyze biological reasons why problems exist and suggest a prioritization of issues. It would be complete prior to a silviculture forum for professionals to discuss possible trials of silvicultural systems. An important task is to describe to forestry professionals in the region its unique environmental characteristics, notably the high component of diffuse light, and the way that species of the region utilize this. Additional field work is proposed that will illustrate this.