Funded Research Projects: SRM

2016 McIntire Stennis

Research Sponsored By: USDA
Principal Investigator: Thomas DeLuca
Project Description
Public Law 87-788, commonly known as the McIntire-Stennis Cooperative Forestry Act, 16 U.S.C 582a, et seq., was signed into law in 1962 to provide a federally-supported base for forestry research and graduate education programs at state-certified schools of forestry in the United States. Since then, the University of Washington has received an award each year. These are formula funds; the annual amount is determined by a variety of data points, linking the award to, among other things, the level of activity in the states’ timber industry. The Act is broadly written to support research activities in forest-related areas. Areas currently being supported include analysis of patterns of structural, functional and composition development of forest ecosystems; managing threatened and endangered mammalian species on human-altered landscapes; and novel approaches to ecological restoration, climate change mitigation. A proportion of the funds will be used for program administration. New projects are awarded competitively to members of the faculty of the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. They are selected with a goal of encouraging highly impactful research that will provide training opportunities for graduate students and have a long-term, positive effect on forestry and natural resources issues and the natural resources community and stakeholders of the School. In the next round of funding, support will be focused on those projects that reach out to those stakeholders and that have meaningful community participation from outside the University.