Funded Research Projects: SS

A US College Affordability Model

Research Sponsored By: Lumina Foundation for Education
Principal Investigator: James Fridley
Project Description
The Interactive College Affordability Model has to date been implemented only as a prototype in MS-Excel and is limited in its coverage to sets of institutions in the state of Washington. This project aims to expand the model's scope of coverage beyond Washington and to begin implementation of the model in an online accessible form. This will be done by: 1) Selecting a small set of states that will provide a reasonable cross section of geographic regions, expectations of tuition levels, state need based aid levels. States having state financial aid programs will be initially limited to those with allocation and eligibility policies that are reasonably consistent with the existing prototype model. 2) The “national average” selection that exists in the current prototype model will be improved. 3) A pathway to a web version will be determined. Implementation of a prototype web version (ver 0.1) will be initiated. The goal is to have the first prototype web version available to Lumina online for feedback no later than December 31, 2015. 4) The model will be used to develop specific scenarios, frameworks or benchmarks as next steps to Lumina's recent (winter and spring 2015) convenings of higher education affordability experts.