Funded Research Projects: SOCIAL SCIENCES

Social Science Research Support for the Urban-Wildlands Interactions Research Team

Research Sponsored By: US Forest Service
Principal Investigator: Clare Ryan
Project Description
The Urban-Wildland Interactions Team is one of three research teams in the PNW Station’s Goods, Services and Values (GSV) Program. The team undertakes research that seeks to understand the social, cultural, economic, ecological, and institutional drivers behind people’s interactions with the environment and the impacts of these interactions on urban and rural communities. The team currently has four permanent research scientists and no permanent science support staff, and must therefore find these skills outside of the Station. This cooperative agreement with the University of Washington will fill this gap and help build the research capacity of the Team; it will create a bridge to the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences at UW where research related to environmental anthropology and federal land management issues is ongoing and of interest to the GSV Program, opening the door to potential research collaborations in the future.