Funded Research Projects: FOREST ECOLOGY

Using LiDAR and Other Remotely-Sensed Data Products to Inform Lanscape Analyses and Forest Management

Research Sponsored By: US Forest Service
Principal Investigator: Jerry Franklin
Project Description
In this project, LiDAR scientists in PNW and SEFS will work together to identify LiDAR-derived products that can inform existing landscape analysis methodologies such as those used by Paul Hessburg's team. This work will focus on projects areas located on either the Colville National Forest or the Umatilla National Forest. Both of these areas have recent LiDAR and the selection the actual project area will depend on communications with local resource specialists and timing issues related to on-going project planning. In addition, PNW and SEFS will cooperate to evaluate the differences in data and information products derived from different acquisitions over the same area. Once the effect of flight timing (time of year), sensor settings, and flying parameters are better understood, PNW and SEFS scientists will determine a set of LiDAR-derived products that can be best used to describe changes over time or following disturbances.