Funded Research Projects: SRM

The New Northwest Environmental Forum

Research Sponsored By: Bullitt Foundation
Principal Investigator: Thomas DeLuca
Project Description
For the last twelve years, the Northwest Environmental Forum (NWEF) at the University of Washington has served as a successful and influential collegium for deliberating and proposing management and policy actions on challenging issues in natural resource, particularly forest management, in the Pacific Northwest. However, the complexity and interconnectedness between environmental sustainability and society, and between urban and wildland settings, requires that the Forum broaden its scope and increase its occurrence to meet these shifting and intensifying environmental issues. With support from the Bullitt Foundation we will: (1) evolve from a natural resource based Forum to an environmental sustainability Forum; (2) increase structure in pursuit of Forum objectives, and empirical scrutiny of its deliberative processes; (3) increase interactions with stakeholders; (4) Engage in facilitating actions necessary to address social-environmental issues of interests. These changes will allow the NWEF better reflect stakeholder interest and involvement, and generate consistent follow-through on deliberative processes including strategies for influencing management and policy outcomes. We intend, through this reorganization, to create a more encompassing dynamic and responsive Forum for addressing current environmental sustainability challenges facing the Pacific Northwest’s urban-wildland nexus.