Kevin Hodgson

Kevin Hodgson

Professor Emeritus
Surface and colloid science of papermaking; Secondary fiber recycling

Office: Bloedel 318
Phone: 206-543-7346 
Email: hodgson@uw.edu

Graduate Interest Group(s):

B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, 1978.
M.S., Chemical Engineering and Colloids, Polymers, and Surfaces, Carnegie Mellon University, 1980.
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, University of Washington, 1986.

I am primarily interested in the application of surface and colloid science principles to understanding important phenomena in pulp and paper science. Most commonly these applications are in the general area of papermaking. The "wet end chemistry" of the papermaking process classically offers many opportunities in surface and colloid science, as well as the processing of secondary fiber for recycling.