Funded Research Projects: Wildlife Science

The Wildlife Science interest group has current research projects on the basic ecology of species and a wide range of issues dealing with management and conservation of species and ecosystems, including problems in forest management, wildlife toxicology, range management, and marine mammalogy. The interest group focuses on vertebrates. Mountain Goat
A Study of Snow Leopard Ecology in Kyrgyzstan

Animals on the move: Remotely based determination of key drivers influencing movements and habitat selection of highly mobile fauna throughout the ABoVE study domain

Assessing Alpine Ecosystem Productivity to Environmental Change using Dall Sheep as an Iconic Indicator Species

Collaborative Research: Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Ecosystem Engineering, and Tropic Interactions on Grassland Community Dynamics

Do wolves indirectly affect mule deer fawn survival by modifying coyote predation?

Do wolves indirectly affect mule deer fawn survival by modifying coyote predation?

Does Anti-predator Behavior Modify Indirect Effects of Top Predators?

Effects of North American wolf recolonization on deer fawn survival

Evaluate displacement of birds by recreational activities in Denali National Park

Impacts of Tour Boat Shore Excursions on Terrestrial Wildlife Glacier Bay National Park

Interactions between wolves and cougars in NE Washington

Investigating how landscape characteristics shape cougar foraging ecology along the urban-to-wildland gradient of western Washington

Monitoring and mapping of Avian Resources over Selected Areas of the Great Lakes to Support Related Resource Management

Population dynamics of forest carnivores in Denali

Source and sinks: Elucidating mechanisms, documenting patterns, and forecasting impacts