Funded Research Projects: Sustainable Resource Management

The Sustainable Resource Management (SRM) interest group focuses on developing an integrated set of skills that concentrates on silvicultural principles and practices, business management and quantitative methods, and operations research. Field Trip at Young Plantation
2016 McIntire Stennis

Accounting for habitat range shifts in species conservation planning

Aligning processing capacity and market demand with fuel reduction and ecosystem restoration projects

Analysis of Tradeoffs among Wetland Ecosystem Services in Le Sueur Watershed (South Minnesota)

Analyzing Environmental Changes in Interior Alaska (1982-2014)

Assessing international market trends, opportunities, and threats for the U.S. softwood lumber industry

Bureau of Land Management Precision Forestry Cooperative

Center for Advanced Forestry Systems: Phase II

CIE Wildcrafting NonTimber Forest Products

Climate and Human Dynamics as Amplifiers of Natural Change: A Framework for Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation Planning

Climate Applications and Implementation in National Forests

Climate Change Applications in National Forests

CLT Design Work on Scholar in Residence Building at ONRC

Developing an Export Oriented U.S. Wood Pellet Industry in the Pacific Northwest with a Focus on the Asian Market

Emerging forest products markets: An analysis of Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia

FY 19 Washington Coast Sustainable Salmon Foundation

HEBO LTEP remeasurement

Improved methods for monitoring type 3 watershed stream carbon chemistry

J Halofsky/USFS-Interagency Personnel Agreement

KCP-SEFS Forest Management Partnership

Life Cycle Assessment of Biomaterials, Systems and Processes

Machine Vision for Classification of Spruce, Pine, and Fir

Mount Rainier Institute: EE Capacity Building

Mount Rainier Institute: Greater Puget Sound Schools

Next Generation CLT: Combining Thermal Modification and Carbon-based Nanomaterials

Optimizing Carbon, Timber and Cultural Values for Provision of Ecosystem Services in Alaskan Forests

Optimizing forest and road networks to minimize sediment loads and to protect somonid habitat in the face of climate change

PFC Carbon Monitoring Systems RJVA

PhoDar at Panther Creek Research Plots

Spatial Optimization of Sampling Design to Monitor Forest Carbon in Interior Alaska, United States

Stand Management Cooperative

The New Northwest Environmental Forum

The Rise of India as a Trade Partner and Competitor

The Western Mountain Initiative: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Western mountain Ecosystems

Thermal Modification of Hemlock Lumber

Using Airborne LiDAR to Assess, Compare, and Contrast Forested Landscapes