Funded Research Projects: Social Sciences

The Social Sciences interest group covers natural resource planning, policy, and management issues with interdisciplinary understanding of the various fields in social science, including sociology, planning, political science, law, economics, and anthropology. Study areas include community forestry and rural development, land use planning, natural resource policy and law, public administration and decision making, social and economic impact assessment, and recreation management and leisure studies. Mountain Lake
A US College Affordability Model

College Affordability 2

Harvard JPB Environmental Health Fellowship

Hazard Planning and Mitigation: The Role of Governance Factors in Community Resilience

In-depth Analyses of Interviews with Forest Fire Stakeholders in Mount Hood and Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forests

Pacific NW Coop Ecosystem Studies Unit Program Support

Social Science Research Support for the Urban-Wildlands Interactions Research Team

Statistical Support for People and Their Environments