Waste to Wisdom: Utilizing forest residues for the production of bioenergy and bioproducts

Research Sponsored By: Humboldt State University
Principal Investigator: Ivan Eastin
Project Description
The objective of this research is to develop a comprehensive economic understanding of the proposed technology and developing strategies for long term economic sustainability of the program. For short term economic viability of the proposed technology, the revenues attained from the biochar production process have to outweigh the capital and operating costs associated with the process. However, the long term economic success and sustainability of the proposed pyrolysis technology can only be attained through the enviro-economic viability (micro and macro level) of the proposed technology, with specific reference to geo-socio-economic conditions. Moreover, acknowledging the lack of information regarding biochar and its environmental and economic benefits among the general population, region-specific strategies need to be adopted to develop effective educational programs based on the perceptions and concerns of local stakeholders.