Coordination of protocol reviews for long-term monitoring in the Pacific West Region of the National Park Service

Research Sponsored By: USDI National Park Service
Principal Investigator: Jonathan Bakker
Project Description
Project will provide protocol review coordination for the National Park Service's Pacific West Region (PWR), including coordination, tracking, oversight, and synthesis of blind peer reviews for protocols associated with PWR Inventory and Monitoring network monitoring plans over a period of several years. Ensuring that scientifically credible long-term monitoring protocols are used on public lands is a core service from which the public benefits by gaining an understanding of the status of natural resources at any given time, and the long-term dynamics of species and communities as they vary with biological, climate, and human stressors over time. Coordinator will contact and negotiate with academic reviewers, arrange for payment of appropriate honoraria, and synthesize review comments. The coordinator, in collaboration with the PWR, will make final decisions as to the adequacy of the submitted protocols according to their scientific merit and ability to meet management needs.