2016 Rare Plant Conservation CESU

Research Sponsored By: USDI Bureau of Land Management
Principal Investigator: Kern Ewing
Project Description
The Bureau of Land Management has partnered with the University of Washington for ten years on the long-term conservation and management of rare and sensitive plant species in the Pacific Northwest. This has included the collection and long term storage of rare plant seed in the Miller Seed vault housed at the University of Washington in order to assist them in meeting their mission of conserving Washington’s native rare plants through methods including ex situ conservation, rare plant monitoring, reintroduction, and education. The principal purpose of the project is to obtain the needed scientific and technical assistance to improve management and stewardship of the nation’s public lands. Projects conducted under this grant will include, but not be limited to, documenting and monitoring the status and distribution of rare plant populations on public lands; gathering data on rare plant biology and ecological requirements; performing studies and activities necessary to ensure their long-term persistence and survival; seed collection; and educating the public on rare and sensitive plants.