Funded Research Projects: REEH

Improving Crop Models for Climate-smart Agriculture

Research Sponsored By: Geospatial Climatology Institute
Principal Investigator: Soo-Hyung Kim
Project Description
Process-based crop models are indispensable for evaluating crop responses to climate, soils and other environmental factors and for facilitating cropping decisions that are cost-effective and environmentally responsible for climate-smart agriculture. Crop models are also effective research tools for assessing climate impacts on crops, identifying climate-adaptive breeding targets, optimizing agricultural inputs and natural resources, forecasting crop yield trends for policy decisions, and developing adaptive solutions for agriculture in a changing climate. In this project, we aim 1) to develop generic modules for simulating organ morphogenesis and carbon allocation that can be coupled to our existing crop models, 2) to develop a novel architectural modeling platform to be coupled with our existing crop models, and 3) to conduct performance testing of the improved models with field data. The outcomes of this project will allow us to improve our models to provide realistic crop growth and yield predictions under resource limited and stressful conditions for climate-smart agriculture.