Developing Careers and Conserving Rare Plants in Washington

Research Sponsored By: National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
Principal Investigator: Kern Ewing
Project Description
Washington Rare Plant Care and Conservation will partner with BLM and the USFS to hire 2 to 4 recent graduates with a background in natural resources to work on rare plant conservation and management. Activities will focus on four areas: 1) monitoring rare plant populations, 2) post wildfire weed inventory and control, 3) seed collections and curation to support ex situ conservation, and 4) propagating and outplanting rare native plants. The interns will receive training on population and vegetation monitoring as well as native plant and weed identification. Rare plant monitoring will include collecting data on long-term monitoring plots, monitoring rare plant populations impacted by wildfires in 2014, and working with volunteers to monitor rare plant populations on Forest Service and BLM lands. The project will also include participation in Rare Care’s ex situ conservation program, providing the interns with skills in seed collection and curation, propagation, and outplanting. The young adults will work side by side with botanists at Rare Care, BLM and the USFS and receive hands on training on all aspects of the work. These efforts will contribute to on-going monitoring and restoration efforts for rare native plants in Washington as well as habitat restoration and management of populations impacted by wildfires.