Bureau of Land Management Precision Forestry Cooperative

Research Sponsored By: USDI Bureau of Land Management
Principal Investigator: L. Monika Moskal
Project Description
The Precision Forestry Cooperative will continue the refinement and development of LiDAR based forest applications to assess stream and riparian habitats. The recent emergence of green LiDAR provides a new tool, and thus a new opportunity to develop these new applications. This new technology allows for more meaningful interpretation of LiDAR intensities by allowing the comparison of intensities recorded for reflected laser pulses of different wavelengths. These paired intensities provide more meaningful information about differences in individual trees, and could help us improve our ability to determine canopy shading on stream. The paired intensity information is similar to comparison of different spectral bands gained from traditional passive remote sensing. The advantage of LiDAR over these passive remote sensing methods is that LiDAR allows for the collection of three-dimensional information about trees in addition to information related to the reflectance of different wavelengths of light.