Funded Research Projects: SRM

PhoDar at Panther Creek Research Plots

Research Sponsored By: USDI Bureau of Land Management
Principal Investigator: L. Monika Moskal
Project Description
Precision forestry leverages advanced sensing technologies and analytical tools to support site-specific economic, environmental, and sustainable decision making for the forestry sector in a timely and effective way. The discipline is highly reliant on accurate, timely and detailed forest inventory characterization and structural information, spanning extensive land holdings. Discrete, high density, LiDAR point clouds derived from aerial and terrestrial laser scanning have become invaluable datasets for precision forestry applications. This project will acquire photogrammetric detection and ranging (PhoDAR) techniques for forest inventory and soil study plots at the Panther Creek research site in the state of Oregon. Quantum Spatial (contractor) will acquire the necessary imagery for the Oregon BLM Harvest Sites Phodar Contractor shall provide one (1) report containing the results on the use of remote sensing and photogrammetric detection and ranging (PhoDAR) techniques on forest resources in the Pacific Northwest. The report shall incorporate long-term cooperative research conducted by the University of Washington, Precision Forestry Cooperative.