Funded Research Projects: FOREST ECOLOGY

Research on Fire, Fuels, Landscape Ecology, and the Wildland-Urban-Interface

Research Sponsored By: US Forest Service
Principal Investigator: Ernesto Alvarado
Project Description
This Cost Reimbursable Agreement (CRA) will support the research conducted by the USFS Fire and Environmental Research Applications Team (FERA) and the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS), University of Washington. The CRA will generate, develop, apply and transfer science-based information, strategies and tools for fire management in public, tribal lands, and homeowners in the wildland urban interface. Specific tasks for this cost reimbursable agreement are: - To develop a fire and fuel management application to integrate fuels, consumption in wildland fires, and combustion phases. - To develop a new data reduction and analysis software to convert field data to fuel loading estimates. - To enhance the fuelbed developement and mapping capabilities of FCCS to map fuels for forest landscapes in the western US. - To improve a Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Dynamics Simulator to integrate empirical field studies. - To collaborate on data collection and analysis of wildland fuels information to develop new, or improve existing fire and fuel models.