Funded Research Projects: Forest Ecology

The Forest Ecology interest group covers a broad spectrum of topics in forest biology and environmental science, with basic and applied research in a diversity of fields including aquatic-terrestrial interactions, conservation biology (see also the Restoration Ecology and Environmental Horticulture interest group), ecological modeling, ecophysiology, ecosystem studies, entomology, fire ecology, forest community ecology, genetics, global climate change, landscape ecology, paleoecology, pathology, and soils and nutrient cycling. Fern
Application of New Spatial Technologies to Advance Fuel Characterization, Combustion Models, and Fire Effects

Calibration and validation of satellite burn-severity indices with field data in forests of the Interior Pacific Northwest

Cascadia Connectivity

Characterizing Spotted Owl Habitat Using LiDAR

Coastal Rainforest Margins Research Network - understanding materials flux in linked terrestrial and marine systems in the face of climate change

Collaborative Research: A landscape resistance mapping approach to understanding species invasion patterns

COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH: The 2016 Yellowstone Fires: early indicators of ecosystem transitions in a more fiery future?

Coordination of protocol reviews for long-term inventory and monitoring in the Pacific West Region

Data/meta-data archive for the DEMO Study

Decision Support Tools for Smoke Management from Wildland Fires

Develop New Tools for Project Planning Utilizing Existing LIDAR

Epidemiology studies of powdery mildew in urban and forest settings focusing on the relationship between host resistance and divergence

Evaluation of U.S. Pacific Fishery Ecosystem Plan

FDS Modeling for Wildland-Urban Interface Communities

Fuel and fire hazard assessment at the USFS Savannah River Site using the Fuel Characteristic Classification System (FCCS)

Identifying Emerging Pathways of Asian Gypsy Moth in the Pacific Northwest

Integration of lateral and vertical carbon flux estimates

Integration of Models and Information Systems for Improving Decision Making During Wildland Fire Smoke Episodes

Land transactions and investments: Impacts on agricultural production, ecosystem services, and food-energy security

Large-Scale Land Transactions as Drivers of Land-Cover Change in Sub-Saharan Africa

Lead Scientist for the Nature Conservancy (TNC) in Washington and Professor of Practice in the University of Washington, College of The Environment’s School of Environmental and Forest Sciences (SEFS) and Center for Creative Conservation (CCC)

Leadership, Coordination, and Administrative Oversight for the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW CESU)

Leveraging high-resolution optical imagery and machine learning to map aquatic carbon dynamics in vulnerable permafrost zones

Magnitude and Controls on the Lateral Transport of Carbon via Steams and Rivers

McIntire-Stennis 2018

Modeling the establishment and spread of Heterobasidion root disease in red pine in Wisconsin

Multi-scale tools to interactively design and visualize treatment alternatives

NASA Fellowship

Optimizing management guidelines for the non-native Azalea Lace Bug on Rhododendron species in Western Washington

Planning and Fuel Data for the Fire and Smoke Model Evaluation Experiment (FASMEE)

Predicting the next high-impact insect invasion: Elucidating traits and factors determining the risk of introduced herbivorous insects on North American native plants

Quantifying the Effects of Variable Density Retention Salvage Logging on Forest Structure, Fuel Succession and Wildfire Behavior

Studies on Biomass Combustion and Wildland Fire Effects at Different Geospatial Scales

The Influence of Microbial Priming Effects on the Carbon Balance of Large River Reservoirs

The New Northwest Environmental Forum

The size and abundance of tall trees clumps are associated with optimal California spotted owl habitat?

Using advanced remote sensing for estimating woody shrub biomass: a pilot study in the Susitna-Copper inventory unit of interior Alaska