Robert Harrison

Robert Harrison

Forest nutrition; mineral cycling; long-term forest productivity; organic waste utilization; carbon sequestration

Office: Bloedel 318
Phone: 206-685-7463 
Email: robh@uw.edu


B.S., North Carolina State University, 1978
M.S., University of New Hampshire, 1981
Ph.D., Auburn University, 1985

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 100 Introduction to Environmental Science (5)Winter
ESRM 100 Introduction to Environmental Science (5)Autumn
ESRM 100 Introduction to Environmental Science (5)Spring
Current Sponsored Research:
Effect of Organic Matter Retention & Management on Long-term Productivity of Pacific Northwest Coastal Douglas-fir
Recent Publications:
James, Jason and Rob Harrison. 2016. The Effect of Harvest on Forest Soil Carbon: A Meta-Analysis. Forests 7:308-329.
Littke, Kim M., RB Harrison and D Zabowski. 2016. Determining the Effects of Biogeoclimatic Properties on Different Site Index Systems of Douglas-fir in the Coastal Pacific Northwest. Forest Science 62:503-512.
Menegale, Marcella L.C. , Jose Henrique T. Rocha, Robert Harrison, Jose Leonardo de M. Goncalves, Rodrigo F. Almeida, Marisa de C. Piccolo, Ayeska Hubner, Jose Carlos Arthur Junior, Alexandre de Vicente Ferraz, Jason N. James and Stephani Michelsen-Correa. 2016. Effect of Timber Harvest Intensities and Fertilizer Application on Stocks of Soil C, N, P, and S. Forests 8:319-333.
Jandl, R., M. Rodeghiero, C. Martinez, M.F. Cotrufo, F. Bampa, B van Wesemael, R.B. Harrison, I.A. Guerrini, D.D. Richter, L. Rustad, K. Lorenz, A. Chabbi and F. Miglietta. 2014. Current status, uncertainty and future needs in soil organic carbon monitoring.. Science of the Total Environment 468:376-383.
Shryock, B., K. Littke, M. Ciol, D. Briggs and R.B. Harrison. 2014. The effects of urea fertilization on carbon sequestration in Douglas-fir plantations .of the coastal Pacific Northwest.. Forest Ecology and Management 318:341-348.
Holub, SM, TA Terry, CA Harrington, RB Harrison and R Meade. 2013. Tree growth ten years after residual biomass removal, soil compaction, tillage, and competing vegetation control in a highly-productive Douglas-fir plantation. Forest Ecology and Management 305: 60-66.
Devine, WD, P.A. Footen, B.D Strahm, R.B. Harrison, T.A. Terry and T.B. Harrington. 2012. Nitrogen leaching following whole-tree and bole-only harvests on two contrasting Pacific Northwest sites. Forest Ecology and Management 267:7-17.
Harrison, R.B., P.W. Footen, and B.D. Strahm. 2011. Deep soil horizons: Contribution and importance to soil C pools and in assessing whole-ecosystem response to management and global change. Forest Science 57: 67-76.