G. Graham Allan

G. Graham Allan

Fiber composites; Polymer science;Creativity and innovation; Controlled release systems

Office: Bloedel 304
Phone: 206-543-1491 
Email: create@uw.edu


B.Sc., University of Glasgow, 1952
Ph.D., University of Glasgow, 1955
D.Sc., University of Strathclyde, 1970

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
BSE 211 Creativity & Society (5)Autumn
BSE 211 Creativity & Society (5)Winter
BSE 211 Creativity & Society (5)Summer
BSE 309 Creativity & Innovation (2)Spring
Recent Publications:
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G.G. Allan. 2014. Female engineers should get creative. Consulting-Specifying Engineer 110(2): 64-64
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G.G. Allan, D.L.Bauer & W. HUang. 2013. The cellulose-based synthesis of photocatalytic cadmium sulfide semiconductor nanocrystals within microporous fibers for the generation of hydrogen from water and sunlight. Cellulose Chemistry & Technology 47(1-20): 63-70
G.G. Allan. 2013. Bang-Up Drug Delivery. Chemical & Engineering News 91(30): 4-4
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G.G. Allan, M.I. Shtilman, Yu. V. Korshak, P.S. Voskanyan, e. Tzatzarakis, I.O. Grigoriuk, N.Sh. Ormotsadze, and A.M. Tsatsakis. 2011. Phytoactive Polymers. Review Journal of Chemistry 1(3): 275-287