Dan Brown

Dan Brown

Director and Professor
GIS, remote sensing, spatial modeling; land-use and land-cover dynamics; linking landscape patterns with ecological and social processes

Office: Anderson 102
Phone: 206-685-1928 
Email: danbro@uw.edu


Ph.D. Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1992
M.A. Geography, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1989
B.A. Geoenvironmental Studies, Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania, 1987

Current Sponsored Research:
2018 Rare Plant Conservation Citizen Science Project
Developing Adaptive Management Strategies to Protect Sensitive Alpine Plant Species Threatened by Warming Climates
Land transactions and investments: Impacts on agricultural production, ecosystem services, and food-energy security
Large-Scale Land Transactions as Drivers of Land-Cover Change in Sub-Saharan Africa
Leadership, Coordination, and Administrative Oversight for the Pacific Northwest Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (PNW CESU)
McIntire-Stennis 2018
Trees for Neighborhoods Support
Whited's milk-vetch (Astragalus sinuatus) Post-Wildfire Recovery
Recent Publications:
Allington, G.R.H., Li, W., and Brown, D.G. 2017. Urbanization and environmental policy effects on the future availability of grazing resources on the Mongolian Plateau: Modeling socio-environmental system dynamics. Environmental Science and Policy, 68: 35-46.
Xu, H., Brown, D.G., Moore, M.R., and Currie, W.C. 2017. Optimizing spatial land management to balance water quality and economic returns in a Lake Erie watershed. Ecological Economics 145C: 104-114.
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Taylor, J.J., Lepczyk, C.A., and Brown, D.G. 2016. Patch and matrix level influences on forest birds at the rural-urban interface. Landscape Ecology 31(5): 1005-1020.
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