Jonathan Bakker

Jonathan Bakker

Associate Professor
Ecological restoration; Sustainable ecosystem management

Office: Merrill 36
Phone: 206-221-3864 
Email: jbakker@uw.edu


B.A., Biology and Environmental Studies, Dordt College, 1994
M.Sc., Plant Ecology, University of Regina, 1996
Ph.D., Ecosystem Science (Forestry), Northern Arizona University, 2005

My research focuses on:

  • Restoration and management of prairies, savannas, and forests
  • Long-term vegetation dynamics
  • Statistical methods for community ecology
Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 362 Introduction to Restoration Ecology (5)Autumn
ESRM 412 Native Plant Production (3)Spring
SEFS 502 Analytical Techniques for Community Ecology (4)Winter
SEFS 530 Introduction to Restoration Ecology (5)Autumn
Current Sponsored Research:
Estimating deferred stewardship maintenance costs for Washington State Parks
Long-term SUCCESS: SUCCession and Ecosystem dynamics in the Sagebrush Steppe following wildfires
The role of hemiparasites in structuring ecosystems
Recent Publications:
Firn, J., J.M. McGree, E. Harvey, H. Flores-Moreno, M. Schütz, Y.M. Buckley, E.T. Borer, E.W. Seabloom, K.J. LaPierre, A.M. MacDougall, S.M. Prober, C.J. Stevens, L.L. Sullivan, E. Porter, E. Ladouceur, C. Allen, K.H. Moromizato, J.W. Morgan, W.S. Harpole, Y. Hautier, N. Eisenhauer, J.P. Wright, P.B. Adler, C.A. Arnillas, J.D. Bakker, L. Biederman, A.A.D. Broadbent, C.S. Brown, M.N. Bugalho, M.C. Caldeira, E.E. Cleland, A. Ebeling, P.A. Fay, N. Hagenah, A.R. Kleinhesselink, R. Mitchell, J.L. Moore, C. Nogueira, P.L. Peri, C. Roscher, M.D. Smith, P.D. Wragg, and A.C. Risch. 2019. Leaf nutrients, not specific leaf area, are consistent indicators of elevated nutrient inputs. Nature Ecology and Evolution doi: 10.1038/s41559-018-0790-1
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Bakker, J.D., E.G. Delvin, and P.W. Dunwiddie. 2018. Staged-scale restoration: refining adaptive management to improve restoration effectiveness. Journal of Applied Ecology 55: 1126-1132 doi: 10.1111/1365-2664.13050
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