Sarah Converse

Sarah Converse

Associate Professor/Leader, Washington Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Conservation Biology, Decision Science, Demographic Estimation, Hierarchical Modeling, Integrated Population Modeling, Reintroduction Biology

Office: Anderson 123A
Phone: 206-685-2315 
Email: sconver@uw.edu

Graduate Interest Group(s): WILDLIFE SCIENCE

B.S., Fisheries and Wildlife, Michigan State University, 1996
M.S., Natural Resource Sciences, University of Nebraska, 1999
Ph.D., Wildlife Biology, Colorado State University, 2005

Recent Publications:
Lunn NJ, S Servanty, EV Regehr, SJ Converse, E Richardson, and I Stirling. 2016. Demography of an apex predator at the edge of its range – impacts of changing sea ice on polar bears in Hudson Bay. Ecological Applications 26:1302-1320.
Royle JA and SJ Converse. 2014. Hierarchical spatial capture-recapture models: modeling population density from replicated capture-recapture experiments. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 5:37-43.
Converse SJ, CT Moore, MJ Folk, and MC Runge. 2013. A matter of tradeoffs: reintroduction as a multiple objective decision. Journal of Wildlife Management 77:1145-1156.
Mueller T, RB O’Hara, SJ Converse, RP Urbanek, and WF Fagan. 2013. Leadership and spatial learning of migratory performance. Science 341:999-1002.