Sándor F. Tóth

Sándor F. Tóth

Associate Professor
Natural Resource Informatics; Sustainable Forest and Natural Resource Management; Spatial Forest Planning and Optimization; Forest Engineering and Operations Research; Reserve Design

Office: Bloedel 358
Phone: 206-616-2738 
Email: toths@uw.edu


M.S., Forest Engineering, University of Forestry and Wood Sciences, Sopron, Hungary, 1994
M.S., Agriculture, Shinshu University, Nagano, Japan, 2002
Ph.D., Forest Resources and Operations Research, Pennsylvania State University, 2005

My primary field of interest is developing quantitative decisision support tools to aid forest and natural resource management. I am particularly interested in building and testing mathematical models that can quantify and visualize the resource trade-offs and production possibilities between conflicting management objectives. I do research in the areas of (1) forest management planning, including spatially explicit harvest scheduling models and multiple-criteria forest planning; (2) operations research, including integer programming, multiple-criteria optimization, and multiple-criteria decision support systems; and (3) the economics of non-timber forest benefits.
Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 461 Forest Management and Economics (5)Spring
SEFS 540 Optimization Techniques for Natural Resources (5)Spring
Current Sponsored Research:
Accounting for habitat range shifts in species conservation planning
Optimizing Carbon, Timber and Cultural Values for Provision of Ecosystem Services in Alaskan Forests
Optimizing forest and road networks to minimize sediment loads and to protect somonid habitat in the face of climate change
Spatial Optimization of Sampling Design to Monitor Forest Carbon in Interior Alaska, United States
Recent Publications:
Ross, K., and Sándor F. Tóth. 2016. A Model for Managing Edge Effects in Harvest Scheduling Using Spatial Optimization. Scandinavian Journal of Forest Research. 37(1): 646-654.
McDill, M.E., S.F. Tóth, R. St. John, J. Braze, and S.A. Rebain. 2016. Comparing Model I and Model II Formulations of Spatially-Explicit Harvest Scheduling Models with Adjacency Constraints. Forest Science 62(1): 28-37.
Roesch-McNally, G., S.S. Rabotyagov, J. Tyndall, G.J. Ettl, and S.F. Tóth. 2016. Auctioning the Forest: A qualitative approach to exploring stakeholder responses to bidding on forest ecosystem services. Small-Scale Forestry 15(3): 321-333.
Svetlana Schroder, Sandor F. Toth, Robert Deal, Greg Ettl. 2016. Multi-objective optimization to evaluate tradeoffs among forest ecosystem services following fire hazard reduction in the Deschutes National Forest, USA. Ecosystem Services 22(B): 328-347.
St. John, R., and S.F. Tóth. 2015. Spatially-Explicit Forest Harvest Scheduling with Difference Equations. Annals of Operations Research 232(1):235-257.
Könnyu, N., S.F. Tóth, Marc E. McDill and B. Rajasekaran. 2014. Temporal Connectivity of Mature Patches in Forest Planning Models. Forest Science 60(6): 1089-1099.
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Tóth, S.F., N. Könnyu, M.E. McDill, and S. George. 2013. Lazy Constraints for Area-Based Adjacency Formulations in Harvest Scheduling Models. Forest Science. 59(2): 157-176.