Gregory Ettl

Gregory Ettl

Associate Professor
Sustainable forestry; Forest ecology; Silviculture

Office: Winkenwerder 102
Phone: 206-616-4120 
Email: ettl@uw.edu


B.S, Science Education and Zoology, University of Wisconsin, 1987
M.A.T., Biology Teaching, University of Washington, 1989
Ph.D. Ecosystem Analysis, University of Washington, 1995

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 428 Principles of Silviculture and their Application (5)Autumn
SEFS 526 Advanced Silviculture Seminar (3)Winter
Current Sponsored Research:
Climate Applications and Implementation in National Forests
Climate Change Applications in National Forests
J Halofsky/USFS-Interagency Personnel Agreement
KCP-SEFS Forest Management Partnership
Mount Rainier Institute: EE Capacity Building
Mount Rainier Institute: Greater Puget Sound Schools
The Western Mountain Initiative: Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in Western mountain Ecosystems
Recent Publications:
Diaz, D., Loreno, S., Ettl, G. and Davies, B. 2018. Tradeoffs in Timber, Carbon, and Cash Flow under Alternative Management Systems for Douglas-Fir in the Pacific Northwest. Forests. Forests 9(9): 447 doi: 10.3390/f9080447
Lord K. Ameyaw, Gregory J. Ettl, Kristy Leissle and Gilbert J. Anim-Kwapong. 2018. Cocoa and Climate Change: Insights from Smallholder Cocoa Producers in Ghana Regarding Challenges in Implementing Climate Change Mitigation Strategies. Forests 9(12): 742 doi: 10.3390/f9120742
Vilanova, E., Ramírez-Angulo, H., Torres-Lezama, A., Aymard, G., Gámez, L., Durán, C., Hernández, L., Herrera, R., van der Heijden, G., Phillips, O.L. and Ettl, G.J. 2018. Environmental drivers of forest structure and stem turnover across Venezuelan tropical forests. PlosOne 13(6) doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0198489
Fischer, P., Cullen, A., Ettl, G.J. 2017. The effects of forest management strategy on carbon storage and revenue in Western Washington: A probabilistic simulation of tradeoffs. Risk Analysis 37(1): 173-192 doi: 10.1111/risa.12611
McBurney, K.G., Cline, E.T., Bakker, J.D., Ettl, G.J. 2017. Ectomycorrhizal Community Composition and Structure of a Mature Red Alder (Alnus rubra) Stand. Fungal Ecology 27:47-58 doi: 10.1016/j.funeco.2017.02.006
Khan, Z., Kandel, S. L., Ramos, D. N., Ettl, G. J., Kim, S. H., & Doty, S. L. 2016. Increased Biomass of Nursery-Grown Douglas-Fir Seedlings upon Inoculation with Diazotrophic Endophytic Consortia. Forests 6(10): 3582-3593.
Roesch-McNally, G.E., Rabotyagov, S., Tyndall, J.C., Ettl, G. and Tóth, S.F. 2016. Auctioning the Forest: A Qualitative Approach to Exploring Stakeholder Responses to Bidding on Forest Ecosystem Services. Small-scale Forestry 15:321-333.
Schroder, S.A.K., Tóth, S.F., Deal, R.L. and Ettl, G.J. 2016. Multi-objective optimization to evaluate tradeoffs among forest ecosystem services following fire hazard reduction in the Deschutes National Forest, USA. Ecosystem Services 22:328-347.
Marcinkowski, K., Peterson, D.L., Ettl, G.J. 2015. Non-stationary temporal response of mountain hemlock growth to climatic variability in the North Cascade Range, Washington, USA. Canadian Journal of Forest Research 45:676-688.
Knoth, J. L., S.-H. Kim, G.J. Ettl and S.L. Doty. 2014. Biological nitrogen fixation and biomass accumulation within poplar clones as a result of inoculations with diazotrophic endophyte consortia.. New Phytologist 201(2): 599-609.
Knoth, J. L. Kim, S-H. Ettl, G.J., and Doty S. L. 2013. Effects of Cross Host Species Inoculation of Nitrogen Fixing Endophytes on Growth and Leaf Physiology of Maize. GCB Bioenergy 5:408-416.
Rabotyagov, S. S., S. Toth, F., G.J. Ettl. 2013. Testing the Design Variables of ECOSEL: A Market Mechanism for Forest Ecosystem Services. Forest Science 59(3): 303-321.
Tóth, S. F., G. J. Ettl, N. Könnyu, S. S. Rabotyagov, L. W. Rogers, J. M. Comnick. 2013. ECOSEL: Multi-objective optimization to sell forest ecosystem services.. Forest Policy and Economics 35: 73-82.