Jerry Franklin

Jerry Franklin

Forest ecology; Ecosystem processes; Landscape ecology; Succession; Structure

Office: Anderson 203
Phone: 206-543-2138 
Email: jff@uw.edu


B.S., Forest Management, Oregon State University, 1959
M.S., Forest management and statistics, Oregon State University, 1961
Ph.D., Botany and Soils, Washington State University, 1966

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 300 Sustainability Seminar (2)Winter
ESRM 315 Natural Resource Issues: Old-Growth and Forest Management (5)Spring
ESRM 425 Ecosystem Management (5)Autumn
SEFS 590 Graduate Studies in Ecosystem Management (5)Autumn
Current Sponsored Research:
Characterizing Forest Structure Using Airborne LIDAR
Colville National Forest Vision 2020 Monitoring
Developing Oregon Caves National Momument and Preserve (ORCA) Fuel Map Extensions From Airborne LiDAR Data
Inland PNW Post Fire Management
LiDAR Integration into Dry Forest Management and Restoration
Northeast Washington Vision 2020 vegetation monitoring and implementation
Using LiDAR and Other Remotely-Sensed Data Products to Inform Lanscape Analyses and Forest Management
Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to Guide Burned Landscape Recovery and Restoration in Sierra Nevada Forests
Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) to Guide Burned Landscape Recovery and Restoration in Sierra Nevada Forests
Using multi-scale spatial data to improve predictions of immediate and delayed post-fire mortality
Recent Publications:
Franklin, Jerry F. 2012. Temporal and Boreal Rainforests . Journal of Forestry 110(3): 170-170
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Swanson, M.E., J.F. Franklin, R.L. Beschta, C.M. Crisafulli, D.A. DellaSalla, R.L. Hutto, D.B. Lindenmeyer, and F.J. Swanson. 2011. The forgotten stage of forest succession: early-successional ecosystems on forest sites. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 9: 117-125
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