Current Graduate Courses

CourseTypeQuarter OfferedInstructorCourse Web Page
SEFS 501 Forest Ecosystems - Community Ecology (5) Autumn Harvey, Brian
SEFS 502 Analytical Techniques for Community Ecology (4)Required ElectiveWinter Bakker, Jonathan
SEFS 507 Soils and Land Use (4)Option RequiredSpring Vogt, Daniel
SEFS 508 Plant Process and Systems Modeling (3) Autumn Kim, Soo-Hyung
SEFS 509 Analysis of Research Problems (3)Required CoreWinter Rabotyagov, Sergey
SEFS 510 Graduate Studies in Forest Soils (3) Spring Johnson, Brittany
SEFS 512 Biogeochemical Cycling in Soils and Forest Ecosystems (3) Spring Butman, David
SEFS 521 Current Topics in Forest Resources (2) Winter Alvarado, Ernesto
SEFS 523 Environmental Applications of Plants: Bioenergy and Bioremediation (3) Autumn Doty, Sharon
SEFS 526 Advanced Silviculture Seminar (3)Required ElectiveWinter Ettl, Gregory
SEFS 530 Introduction to Restoration Ecology (5) Autumn Bakker, Jonathan
SEFS 533 Airborne Lidar for Remote Sensing of Vegetation and Geomorphology (5) Spring Moskal, L. Monika
SEFS 535 Fire Ecology (4) Autumn Alvarado, Ernesto
SEFS 540 Optimization Techniques for Natural Resources (5) Spring Tóth, Sándor F.
SEFS 541 Advanced Landscape Ecology (5) Winter Harvey, Brian
SEFS 549 Urban Horticulture Seminar (1)Required CoreAutumn Fridley, James
SEFS 550 CINTRAFOR Research Seminar (2-5)Required CoreWinter Eastin, Ivan
SEFS 561 Public Presentation in Urban Horticulture (2)Core Required MEHSpring Bratman, Greg
SEFS 571 Resource Policy and Administration (4) Winter Ryan, Clare
SEFS 590 Graduate Studies (2)Required GeneralWinter Alvarado, Ernesto